Japanese Vintage Watches

The interest in vintage watches has grown in recent years and the ones produced in Japan are no exception.
So where should you go to purchase a Japanese vintage watch?
Collector’s Weekly seems to have a great collection and is well informed. Auction sites such as eBay have many deals to be had as they do on most things.
Japanese watches of today will be the vintage watches of tomorrow.

Casio Vintage Watches

Casio entered the watch market in 1974 and are renowned for their Casiotron LCD digital watch, which uses an LCD display to show time digitally.

Citizen Vintage Watches

The Shokosha Watch Research Company was the forerunner of the Citizen Watch Company, starting in 1918.

Shokosha made its first pocket watch in 1924, and it was christened “Citizen” by the Tokyo mayor.

Ricoh Vintage Watches

The high quality Ricoh watches we see for sale today find their origins in the early part of the twentieth century, then manufactured by the Takano Co Ltd under the ownership of Kiyoshi Ichimura.

Seiko Vintage Watches

In 1881 a small watch and jewelery shop was started, named K. Hattori, and this was the simple birth cry of the Seiko watch company.
Some Vintage Seiko watches of note include the following:
The 6139 was produced from 1969 to 1979 and was the first automatic chronograph, with a non-sweep second hand, day and time display and 30 minute timer.
A variant was the…..